How to Treat Vertical Talus

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Vertical Talus is a deformity that, if left unresolved, can cause a person a significant amount of discomfort later in life. If you or someone you know suffers from the condition, Dr. Marc Guillen and Dr. Vanessa Schuster of Free Body Physical Therapy are here to assist you. Being a highly regarded foot and ankle clinic Chicago, this issue is certainly within our realm of knowledge. Contact our clinic today to figure out how we can help.

What is Vertical Talus?

Vertical Talus is an uncommon deformity of the foot. The more common name for it is flatfoot, but it is considered to be more problematic and severe because the foot has no arch and can flex into a concave position. If a child has this condition, their talus bone (ankle bone) is angled downward which pushes the bones that are typically at the front of the foot on top of the talus. While it does not cause young children much pain, it can impact their walking gait and be uncomfortable as they grow, even leading to disability. It is important to treat early for best outcomes. Consider the specialists at our foot and ankle clinic Chicago to help, we would be glad to assist you.

How it is Diagnosed

It is typically diagnosed at a very young age. Being a congenital disease, it is assumed that it is hard to diagnose, but this is not the case. While a medical history is important in determining whether or not a child has a certain congenital disease, in this case a physical examination is more conclusive. The doctor will feel around the child’s foot to see if there is anything of concern. Following this examination, the doctor will typically order for an X-ray scan. This will be when the condition becomes easily visible. If the doctor deems it necessary, they will diagnose the child with Vertical Talus. The specialists at our foot and ankle clinic in Chicago are capable of doing this for you, and are prepared to get you or your child on the road to impeccable health.

Treatment Methods

While Vertical Talus is usually treated through surgical procedures, the doctor may suggest other means. Nonsurgically, stretching and casting is the most common method by which your child can get comfortable walking on their feet. At our foot and ankle clinic Chicago, we can absolutely help in this department. Ultimately, regardless of how it is treated, it is most important that the issue is fixed early, because if the child learns to walk on their feet, they will not be able to walk normally later in their life. All of these methods involve some combination of physical therapy that we can provide. We aim to provide therapy that is not only effective but tailored and appropriate to the patient, especially given the young ages of the patients impacted by this condition. 

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Once again, if your child has been diagnosed with Vertical Talus, the doctors at Free Body Physical Therapy are more than capable of helping your child back on the road to more stable, pain-free feet. Contact us today for more information!