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Joints are very important parts of the body where multiple bones are connected so as to allow for movement/range of motion. Once joint pain begins, it can cause a lot of problems. If your joint pain has started to negatively impact your life, our team at Free Body Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy 60647, is here to help you. 

What Is Causing My Pain?

Arthritis is perhaps the most commonly diagnosed cause of joint pain. Arthritis is the swelling of the joints. Arthritis can include varying symptoms, but the most common ones include the stiffening of the joints, something that typically can get worse with age. Types of arthritis include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. At Physical Therapy 60647, our highly skilled team of professionals is here to help ensure you live your life as pain free as possible. 

Common Symptoms

  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Decreased range of motion

Goals: Physical Therapy 60647

When resting for too long, stiff joints tend to get worse, not better. That is why physical therapy is the best option to deal with this. At Physical Therapy 60647, we will show you how to perform stretches and various other exercises that will help to reduce your pain. Things to focus on during your sessions at Physical Therapy 60647 are:

  • Reducing pain and swelling.
  • Range of motion restoration.
  • Strengthening muscles/joints.

Long Term Joint Health

The more you move, the less joint pain you will have. Staying active is extremely important to ensuring good long and short term joint health. 

Flexibility is very important in terms of moving easier. Stretching daily or at a minimum three times, a week will be very beneficial. Light warmups beforehand are highly recommended. Something as simple as walking can be very beneficial in loosening up joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Things like fish and anything with calcium and vitamin D are great foods to help your joints. Dairy products are the best source of calcium but vegetables like broccoli and kale work great as well.

At Physical Therapy 60647 we strive to ensure that you are living your best, healthiest life possible. If you’re living with joint pain, get the help you deserve today. Contact us and schedule your first session so we can help start you on your path towards recovery. 

Back pain can be caused by many things, including a herniated disk. A herniated disk is when the rubbery cushion in your spine deteriorates and irritates the nerves surrounding it. This can cause a painful sensation in your body, and it may become necessary to seek treatment options. A physical therapist in Chicago at Free Body Physical Therapy, a Physical Therapy 60647 can provide you the treatment and comfort for a herniated disk. Unfortunately, the issue will not go away on its own; however, the pain and discomfort may reduce to a bearable level.


There is no real cause for herniated disks; however, aging can be a potential factor in the deterioration process. Without fully knowing the cause, here are some ways to prevent the development of a herniated disk:

physical therapy 60647
  • Exercising can help to strengthen the muscles in your back.
  • Good posture will also strengthen your back muscles and, in the long run, keeping your spine aligned properly. This is involved in sitting properly or doing activities that require a proper form to not overstrain your back. 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight prevents not only herniated disks but also other health issues that can cause more serious problems. 

Treatment: Physical Therapy 60647

If the pain continues and you begin to feel a numbness or tingling in your arms and legs, it may be time to consider seeking medical attention from a Physical Therapy 60647. There are several treatments to partake in to help ease the pain of a herniated disk. 

  1. Conservative Treatments. These treatments are non-surgical and usually consist of many ways to ease the pain. It could be a combination of physical therapy and some pain killers or just one of them to make you the most comfortable. It may take time to figure out which combination is best for you.
  2. Surgery. If the pain does not subside with the more conservative treatments, surgery may be another option. The surgery is minimally invasive and consists of removing the herniated part of the disk so the nerve can move more freely, greatly reducing pain. 
  3. Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is recommended before and after surgery to properly strengthen the back muscles and prevent another herniated disk. Sometimes, physical therapy before surgery is enough that the surgery is not necessary, and patients can continue to go. A physical therapist in Chicago can provide education on how to properly move your body so that there are no further injuries to your back. 

A Physical Therapy 60647 at Free Body Physical Therapy can help subside the injuries a herniated disk can cause. A herniated disk will not go away on its own, but surgery is not always the only option for treatment. Talk to your doctor today about treatment options that work best for you.

physical therapy 60647

A muscle strain is when a muscle is damaged, or its attached tendon is damaged. Muscle damage can happen to some or all parts of the muscle fiber. The tearing of muscle fiber can also affect blood vessels leading to bruising of the area. If you need Physical Therapy 60647, we will treat your muscle strains or other injuries you experience. Contact Free Body Physical Therapy today to learn more! 

Different Grades of Muscle Strains and their Symptoms

Along with the severity of muscle strain, the symptoms can also vary from extreme to mild. The list of symptoms are as following but are not limited to:

  • Grade 1: Mild strain; muscle fiber is tender and painful. But normal strength is maintained. 
  • Grade 2: Moderate strain; People who experience this type of muscle strain experience pain and tenderness. There is also a visible loss of strength and, at times, bruising.  
  • Grade 3: This is when a strain becomes a complete tear. The muscle becomes two separate pieces. The pain is considerable, as well as discoloration and swelling. There also can be a noticeable gap between the two torn muscles.

Treating Muscle Strain 

Some who experience muscle strain sometimes don’t know they have a torn muscle. Sometimes they find out when they go to their doctor. In most cases, an x-ray would be unnecessary since the torn muscle can be prominent. Here are some treatments for muscle strains of any kind:

  • Surgery ( for major or complete tears)
  • For early signs of a muscle tear, apply ice and heat 
  • PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).
  • Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to help with the pain. 

How Physical Therapy 60647 Can Help With Muscle Strain?

The experienced doctors at Free Body Physical Therapy 60647 can help you with your recovery. However, some of the healing can be done at home by using the PRICE method. There is an added benefit when you have Physical Therapy 60647 to provide practical exercises to recuperate the strength you once had. Our team can get you back to doing your favorite physical activities, like working out or bike riding. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for expert care!