Physical Therapy Treatment for Volleyball Injuries

Many kinds of injuries can occur in a volleyball match, from rotator cuff tendinitis to ankle sprains. These injuries can often be debilitating and require immediate treatment. That is where physical therapy can come in for volleyball athletes. If you or someone you know is looking for physical therapy in Cicero, IL for a volleyball injury, then Free Body Physical Therapy can help your injury so that you can get back into the game in top shape!

Types of Volleyball Injuries

It’s essential to be aware of the types of injuries that can occur in volleyball, so you know what parts of the body to look after. If you are a volleyball player, you may be wondering just how many injuries can occur during a volleyball match. Some common injuries that you can watch out for include:

Suppose you think you may have obtained one of these injuries. In that case, a physical therapist will be able to diagnose your injury and offer you different kinds of treatments. Our therapists at Free Body Physical Therapy in Cicero, IL are here for you!

Physical Therapy for Volleyball Injuries

When seeking treatment for a sports injury, it is always best that you go to a physical therapist. A therapist will determine what condition you have and provide you with the best treatments to help your situation. If you are dealing with an injury from volleyball or think you may have one, you may be wondering, “What treatment options are available for me?” Here are some forms of treatments that physical therapists often use:

  • Immobilization: This form of therapy involves keeping a part of the body still with a brace. The brace helps prevent further injury to a body part by decreasing movement. Immobilization is usually the standard treatment for ankle injuries.
  • Exercises: This form of therapy involves doing different exercises to increase mobility, strength, and flexibility in a body part to stabilize it and prevent future injury. Many kinds of injuries can be treated with exercises, including but not limited to rotator cuff injuries, lower back pain, and patellar tendinitis.
  • Surgery: This form of therapy is often the last resort for many injuries. However, an injury may require surgery if it is severe enough. Also, in the case of ACL tears, it is necessary since they cannot heal on their own. The recovery time after surgery for ACL tears can last for months.

Free Body Physical Therapy in Cicero, IL

There is hardly anything worse for athletes than being out of the game due to an injury, which is no exception for volleyball athletes. Physical therapists can help determine an injury and provide the appropriate treatment methods so you can get back into the sport that you love. If you or someone you know is suffering from a volleyball injury and is interested in physical therapy in Cicero, IL then Free Body PT is here for you. Please visit our website to learn more about us and make an appointment today!