Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Having a foot or ankle injury can cause your body to function in a very unstable way. Your body will not move properly because of severe pain that an injury may cause. At Free Body Physical Therapy, we make sure that your body is treated with individuality and care. Our therapies will help your injuries to improve so you do not have to go through the horrible pain. Your symptoms will constantly increase if you do not seek a physical therapist immediately which may cause some sort of disease. Free Body Physical Therapy was found to help our patients to get back to shape and to meet your clients goals. It is important you seek help from our foot and ankle clinic Chicago now!

What Leads To Foot and Ankle Injuries?

  • Sports Injuries
  • Accident 
  • Work related-task
  • At home injuries 
  • Slippery road
  • A certain disease 

Many children are most likely to have a sports injury which may cause a foot or ankle injury. At Foot and Ankle Clinic Chicago we make sure we acknowledge everything to children about how they can prevent future injuries that occur due to sports. Children get injured while playing basketball, jumping, soccer, football, etc. Whenever someone gets injured their muscles tend to get weaker and always have conflicts with moving themselves. There may be higher risks of injuries if not treated on time. For example, vision and balance which may prevent you from doing activities. Where minor injuries may not be a problem and can heal quickly over time. 

How Can You Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries? 

  • Avoid wearing shoes that are not comfortable.
  • Never walk barefoot on streets or parks.
  • Wear supportive athletic shoes that will support your foot well/ buy new shoes often.
  • Reduce falls by walking slowly and always looking around for obstacles on your path.
  • Decrease the amount of running miles.

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