There are few things more devastating than having to sit on the sidelines as you recover from an injury. Unfortunately, this is a difficult reality for many athletes. At Free Body Physical Therapy, we offer sports rehabilitation to treat all types of sports injuries athletes deal with and manage. Continue reading to discover some of the benefits of sports rehab!

What Are Sports Injuries?

Athletes have to maintain optimal performance levels to excel in their sport. This constant demand on the body makes them more susceptible to injuries in the very sports they enjoy. At Free Body Physical Therapy, our team will diagnose your injury and develop the appropriate treatment plan, no matter what the damage may be for you currently. Some of the sports injuries we treat at our facility include:

  • Overuse injuries. 
  • Sprains and strains. 
  • Tendonitis. 
  • Fractures.
  • Dislocations.
  • Neck and back injuries. 

Sports rehab has been a long-standing tool for those looking to recover from injuries and improve their athletic output, but it also focuses on prevention. Playing an active role in the injury prevention process enables you to continue working on the goals you’ve spent so much time training for in preparation. There are several ways to avoid sports injuries. Many injuries are associated with muscle weakness or poor body mechanics. When working under the guidance of our sports therapists, you will receive a program that focuses on prevention. 

Maintaining a healthy diet and weight, cross-training between games, and proper body mechanics can help you avoid the bench. Athletic injuries happen often, and if prevention methods do not stop them, sports rehab is a critical step for increasing your chances of recovery. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Rehab?

If you’re an athlete, sports rehab is instrumental in helping you regain strength and physical potential. Our team understands the importance of recovering from an injury to get back to competing with your teammates and coaches. We will evaluate your situation and athletic capabilities to create a comprehensive program of modalities and exercises to maximize injury recovery and performance. There are numerous benefits associated with sports rehabilitation. Our team would like to break down some of the benefits you can experience with sports rehabilitation:

  • Relieved Pain – Sports rehab is a great way to relieve discomfort, reduce muscle tension, and improve athletic performance. More physically demanding sports like football may require immediate pain relief. We provide comprehensive treatment to alleviate pain and get athletes back in the game fast. 
  • Optimized Mobility – Sports rehab is not just for injury recovery. Our program can help improve athletic output through stretching and strengthening exercises to minimize muscular stress while expanding your overall range of motion. Our personalized care plans help patients regain their capacity to move and lower future risks of injuries. 
  • Non-Surgical Treatment – Our sports rehabilitation program serves as a great alternative to invasive surgery. In addition to helping you before an operation, our team will help you recover with ease after the procedure. Pre-surgical sports rehab will set you up for future success. 
  • Cardiovascular Wellness – Our training regimens involve various types of therapeutic exercises and techniques, including cardio workouts. These exercises help encourage better cardiovascular health, reduce your risk of injury, illness, and fatigue, and promote general wellness. 
  • Improved Balance – An injury can put you on the sidelines and throw off your balance. Our experienced therapists will guide you through activities to improve your balance and coordination. 

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If you’ve recently suffered an injury on the field, do not delay seeking treatment. At Free Body Physical Therapy, we offer sports rehab to help you regain your strength and prevent further damage. Our programs are tailored to suit your needs, so be sure to contact us today to consult with our therapists and schedule an appointment!