Through our lives, our body can take quite the beating. From minor aches and bruises to complicated injuries, it’s important to understand the exact issue at hand before trying to return to your normal activities. If you act like nothing’s wrong when you’re dealing with an injury, you put yourself at risk for more damage. At Free Body Physical Therapy, we can help stop that situation from happening to you. When you visit our facility for care, we can provide you with the preventative assessment needed to diagnose the issue at hand before starting a treatment routine.

Initial Assessment 

At the time of your first appointment, our team will perform an initial assessment to determine the extent of your injury. Questions regarding your past medical history, how the current injury took place, and the level of pain you’re experiencing will all be asked to allow our physical therapist to gain a better understanding of what you’re going through. Additional tests may be performed to determine the levels of physical activity your body can handle, which will inform our staff as to what should be done during the treatment.

Post Examination

Following the examination, our physical therapists will evaluate the data collected so they can make an informed decision on what should be done next. However, the evaluation process will not stop there. As you continue to rehab, your body will begin to change. As you regain your strength, the treatment regimen will need to be updated. By always continuing our assessments, it ensures nothing regarding your treatment falls through the cracks. We also work to help our patients by doing the following as needed:

  • Making referrals.
  • Conducting reexaminations.
  • Altering the treatment process. 
  • Helping patients achieve their desired goals and outcomes.

Schedule An Appointment 

The first step in recovering from an injury is always making an appointment. When you work with an expert team like ours, you can expect to gain valuable information during the initial preventative assessment. By gaining a full understanding of our patients as a whole, we’re able to provide the best treatment services available. To schedule your much-needed assessment, be sure to contact our team today.