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Treating The Whole Body

At Free Body Physical Therapy, we work with the whole body. A holistic approach to evaluating your pain, injury, or post-surgical care starts by understanding that your body does not work in isolated segments. Each area of specialty services allows us to target your treatment, but your entire body will feel the benefits.  

We coach 2 types of clients. 

-Individuals looking to begin a new sport or activity. We can enhance your current program and educate you ways to avoid injury

-Physical Therapists with fellowship traiing looking to enhance their skillset. We can help you become more efficient as a clinician leading to decreased treatment times & improved patient

Items for Sale

-Foam rollers 6×36 inches and 6×12 inches
-Elastic Tubing (Yellow, Green and Silver)
-Swiss balls 55cm, 65cm, 75cm

Call for details 7735993393

Joint pain
Sports Injuries
Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Preventative Assessments
Foot and Ankle Pain

Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck injuries are as common for working professionals as they are for athletes. Free Body Physical Therapy addresses spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease as effectively as surgical treatment.

Joint Pain

As we age, we rarely feel signs of Joint injuries as they progress. Free Body Physical Therapy can help patients with rotator cuff and labral injuries so you can return to your daily activities pain-free.

Sports Injuries

Free Body Physical Therapy provides complete assessments along with tips to educate athelete about injury preventions. Start therapy to ease the pain of an existing injury while improving future performance.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Free Body Physical Therapy provides targeted treatment to help foot and ankle injuries. Addressing an ankle sprain or tendinopathy early can help you heal more effectively.

Preventative Assessments

Do you have a passion for a particular sport? Free Body Physical Therapy can help you avoid injury by providing a preventative screening that will analyze your function and performance.