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 ankle pain Chicago

Having a foot or ankle injury can cause your body to function in a very unstable way. Your body will not move properly because of severe pain that an injury may cause. At Free Body Physical Therapy, we make sure that your body is treated with individuality and care. Our therapies will help your injuries to improve so you do not have to go through the horrible pain. Your symptoms will constantly increase if you do not seek a physical therapist immediately which may cause some sort of disease. Free Body Physical Therapy was found to help our patients to get back to shape and to meet your clients goals. It is important you seek help from ankle pain Chicago now!

What Leads To Foot and Ankle Injuries?

  • Sports Injuries
  • Accident 
  • Work related-task
  • At home injuries 
  • Slippery road
  • A certain disease 

Many children are most likely to have a sports injury which may cause a foot or ankle injury. At ankle pain Chicago we make sure we acknowledge everything to children about how they can prevent future injuries that occur due to sports. Children get injured while playing basketball, jumping, soccer, football, etc. Whenever someone gets injured their muscles tend to get weaker and always have conflicts with moving themselves. There may be higher risks of injuries if not treated on time. For example, vision and balance which may prevent you from doing activities. Where minor injuries may not be a problem and can heal quickly over time. 

How Can You Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries? 

  • Avoid wearing shoes that are not comfortable.
  • Never walk barefoot on streets or parks.
  • Wear supportive athletic shoes that will support your foot well/ buy new shoes often.
  • Reduce falls by walking slowly and always looking around for obstacles on your path.
  • Decrease the amount of running miles.

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Free Body Physical Therapy was established in 2015 and since then we have been providing our services with standard and well maintained reputation. It is our suggestion that you visit our website or give us a call at ankle pain Chicago so we can help you to improve your health. Make your appointment with us today! 

ankle pain Chicago

Incorporating running into your daily exercise routine is one of the easiest ways to stay fit, however, it is also known to be the easiest way of developing an injury. Aches and pains caused by running aren’t just common in beginners but also expert level runners as well. Are you a runner and have been experiencing pain during or afterward? Free Body Physical Therapy offers ankle pain Chicago to help treat your running injuries no matter the severity and also help you prevent new running injuries in the future. 

Common Running Injuries

Running injuries usually occur when you push yourself too hard, especially if you are new to running. Additionally, the way your body moves during these actions impacts your overall health as well. Common running injuries and pains may include but are not limited to:

How to Prevent These Injuries From Occurring

If you are a seasoned runner or even just starting, there are many methods you can take into consideration when running to help prevent future injuries from occurring. It is important to always put your health and body first, and you should always be your main priority. Here are some helpful tips from our office of ankle pain Chicago and ways to prevent future running injuries from occurring that include but are not limited to: 

  1. Wear proper footwear- When running your shoes should fit properly and made for running specifically. It is also important to replace your sneakers when they become worn out, losing their support over time.
  2. Warm-up properly- Walking or jogging first is known to loosen up your muscles and joints before increasing your effort.
  3. Stretching- Dynamic stretching before your run and static stretching after your run.
  4. Avoid overtraining- As much running daily can seem like the best way to stay as fit as possible, your body needs rest days which are equally as important.
  5. Cross-train- Running is not used by itself to stay fit and keep a healthy lifestyle. You need to be in good shape overall to run without developing injuries
  6. Change up your running route- Running the same route daily can begin to become monotonous and boring. To keep your running routine fun and interesting, changing up where you run can help to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Looking for Ankle Pain Chicago ? 

Look no further! Free Body ankle pain Chicago is here to help! Whether you’ve recently developed a running-related injury and need assistance recovering, or need help preventing further running injuries, our certified physical therapists are here for you. Visit our website or contact us to schedule an appointment today!

 ankle pain Chicago

While we all love shooting hoops, sometimes a misstep can lead to serious injuries. Many of the injuries associated with basketball can be treated with Free Body ankle pain Chicago. There is an assortment of injuries associated with basketball, and each has its own prevention and treatment methods. In this article, we will discuss the best way to prepare yourself for the risks. 

Types of Injuries

Generally, there are two types of basketball injuries; acute, and overuse. Acute injuries are the result of accidents like falls or slips, while overuse injuries are the result of overworking the body simply by playing the game. Both acute and overworking injuries can be treated with ankle pain Chicago:

  • Acute Injuries
    • Sprains, often in the wrist or ankle
    • Knee ligament strains or tears
    • Finger fractures
  • Overworking Injuries
    • Tendonitis
    • Shoulder pain
    • Lower back pain

Preventing Basketball Injuries

While it’s hard to prevent accidents like falls or slips, you can prepare your body for the game to help cut down on overworking injuries. Ankle pain Chicago can give you the proper training and care to get your body in basketball shape. Here are some tips to help you prepare for any potential basketball injury.

  • Warm-up
    • Before any workout, especially sports, it’s important to gradually warm the muscle groups needed for the activity. A warm up allows you to heat your muscles and increase blood flow, allowing for more mobility and energy.
  • Wear protective equipment
    • While basketball might not have as much gear as some sports, you can still greatly benefit from wearing mouthguards, anti-skid basketball shoes, ankle guards, or knee pads. 
  • Stay Hydrated
    • Your body needs water to be able to perform properly. Make sure to drink not only sports drinks but also pure water. 
  • Allow sufficient recovery time from previous injuries

Treating Basketball Injuries with Free Body Physical Therapy

Ankle pain Chicago can help you treat nearly every kind of basketball injury. We have a sports rehabilitation program designed to get you healthy and on your game as soon as possible. In many cases, the sports rehabilitation program can actually improve athletic output, and increase your flexibility.  Check out our website for more information.