The Benefits of Virtual Physical Therapy

These uncertain and challenging times have caused us to rethink and reevaluate every little aspect of our daily lives. With technology advancing and evolving at a rapid speed, many different fields have taken advantage of this and their power. From education to medicine, to socialization, we’ve had to adjust and adapt in every way possible. Looking for reliable care but do not feel comfortable with an in-person visit so soon? You may benefit from telehealth physical therapy Illinois! Free Body Physical Therapy is now offering virtual telehealth appointments to give you the proper care and guidance you need to get back on your feet, pain-free. 

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy Illinois?

Telehealth services are described directly as the use of digital information and communication to access remote health care services, as well as manage your healthcare all in one place. These technologies may include videoconferencing, the internet, imaging, streaming media wireless communications, and more, and can support both local and long-distance health care services. Additionally, telehealth is the broader version of telemedicine, going beyond clinical services, serving non-clinical services, training, administrative meetings, and medical education. Here at Free Body Physical Therapy, we are here to help you using telehealth physical therapy Illinois.  

Benefits of Telehealth Communications

Telehealth communication services have been available for quite some time, however, it wasn’t until just recently that these services began to skyrocket. Not only is telehealth so beneficial during uncertain and challenging times, most people now have access to high-speed internet, allowing for these interactions to become a possibility. This approach to medicine is very appealing to a large group of patients due to its many advantages, which may include but are not limited to: 

  • No transportation time or costs 
  • You do not have to take off from work 
  • You can still uphold your family responsibilities, including child and eldercare 
  • A variety of on-demand options, allowing you to still meet with your preferred doctor of choice 
  • Access to specialists 
  • You’re less likely of catching any new illnesses 
  • Less time in the waiting room; wait in the comfort of your own home! 
  • Better health overall when you’re able to have constant access to your doctor without having to keep visiting the office 
  • Convenient and cost-effective 

Looking for telehealth physical therapy Illinois? Visit our website or schedule an appointment by contacting Free Body Physical Therapy today!