Diagnosing Wrist Pain

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We are constantly using our hands throughout the day. The combination of hand and arm movements may cause strains to the joints over time. Wrist pain, or in other words “tendinosis,” is a swelling of the tendons. It is often caused by strain or over usage of wrist movements. In more severe cases, wrist pain is a sign of fractures from injuries. In many cases, your doctor may suggest physical therapy to relieve the pain. You can make an appointment with our team at Free Body Physical Therapy in Chicago by clicking here


Our joints begin to wear and tear with age; this is a sign of arthritis beginning to form. Here are some examples:    

  • Wrist sprain

Everyday activities cause the most common type of wrist injury.

  • Wrist tendonitis

This injury is mainly caused by lifting heavy materials & sports.

  • Carpal tunnel Syndrome

This wrist fracture targets the nerves causing irritation & inflammation.


If you are unsure of the cause of your pain, your doctor will perform a physical examination to inspect for any bruising or swelling. The doctor will instruct you to open and close your hand into a fist to evaluate the range in motion. The doctor will form several image tests to best suit your needs. Here are some of the tests your doctor may perform:

  • X-ray or CT

Your doctor may want to take a look to make sure there are no broken bones. If there are any bone fractures, an x-ray is the most common test to reveal these signs. 

  • MRI or Ultrasound

This test produces images of the soft tissue to see if any inflammation of the ligaments is present. A small device is used in many image locations to perform the procedure instead of using a full-body machine. 


There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a wrist injury:

Wrist guards, use while lifting heavy machinery or weights at the gym. 

Hot compression, using a steamed towel can alleviate tension in your hands and wrists.

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