Do Herniated Disks Go Away?

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Back pain can be caused by many things, including a herniated disk. A herniated disk is when the rubbery cushion in your spine deteriorates and irritates the nerves surrounding it. This can cause a painful sensation in your body, and it may become necessary to seek treatment options. A physical therapist in Chicago at Free Body Physical Therapy, a physical therapist Chicago can provide you the treatment and comfort for a herniated disk. Unfortunately, the issue will not go away on its own; however, the pain and discomfort may reduce to a bearable level.


There is no real cause for herniated disks; however, aging can be a potential factor in the deterioration process. Without fully knowing the cause, here are some ways to prevent the development of a herniated disk:

  • Exercising can help to strengthen the muscles in your back.
  • Good posture will also strengthen your back muscles and, in the long run, keeping your spine aligned properly. This is involved in sitting properly or doing activities that require a proper form to not overstrain your back. 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight prevents not only herniated disks but also other health issues that can cause more serious problems. 


If the pain continues and you begin to feel a numbness or tingling in your arms and legs, it may be time to consider seeking medical attention from a physical therapist Chicago. There are several treatments to partake in to help ease the pain of a herniated disk. 

  1. Conservative Treatments. These treatments are non-surgical and usually consist of many ways to ease the pain. It could be a combination of physical therapy and some pain killers or just one of them to make you the most comfortable. It may take time to figure out which combination is best for you.
  2. Surgery. If the pain does not subside with the more conservative treatments, surgery may be another option. The surgery is minimally invasive and consists of removing the herniated part of the disk so the nerve can move more freely, greatly reducing pain. 
  3. Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is recommended before and after surgery to properly strengthen the back muscles and prevent another herniated disk. Sometimes, physical therapy before surgery is enough that the surgery is not necessary, and patients can continue to go. A physical therapist in Chicago can provide education on how to properly move your body so that there are no further injuries to your back. 

A physical therapist Chicago at Free Body Physical Therapy can help subside the injuries a herniated disk can cause. A herniated disk will not go away on its own, but surgery is not always the only option for treatment. Talk to your doctor today about treatment options that work best for you.