Home Workouts to Help You Keep in Shape

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an abundance of challenges and changes that we have had to learn to adapt to during these crazy times. One factor that has been a struggle for some people has been staying fit and healthy while cooped up inside during quarantine. It is very easy to get stir crazy inside, possibly disregarding your daily exercise routines or even maintaining a  healthy diet. Free Body Physical Therapy in Berwyn, IL can give you the helpful advice you need to ensure you have a successful training program at home. 

Additionally, even with the world slowly opening up over time, public gyms are a challenge, where many different measures need to be taken into consideration before reopening safely. Need some assistance with creating your personalized exercise routine perfect for you to complete at home? Free Body Physical Therapy offers physical therapy in Berwyn, IL! Keep reading to learn more about helpful home workouts you can try to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these challenging times. 

The Elements of a Fitness Routine

An effective fitness program includes 5 key components that can all be completed at home, some with a little adjustment or adaptation. The 5 elements include: 

  • A warm-up ranging from a leisure walk outside or on a treadmill 
  • Aerobic exercise that’s enjoyable and gets your heart rate up (jump rope for example) 
  • Resistance exercises such as squats, push-ups, or movements with small weights or bands
  • Flexibility allows you to stretch out through floor poses or even yoga 
  • A cooldown

Everyday Items You Can Utilize When Working Out At Home  

During these challenging times, it can be hard to access the proper equipment for your home workouts while gyms are still closed and attempting to purchase all the necessary equipment could add up over time. Here is a helpful list of everyday household items that you can adapt and use as make-shift exercise equipment to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. There should be no excuse to make time each day to squeeze in a workout! 

  • Milk jugs, laundry detergent or soup cans instead of weights 
  • Towel, t-shirt or rope as a resistance band
  • Paper plates or thick socks can be used as gliders 
  • Stairs, the wall or even a backpack 

Physical Therapy in Berwyn, IL

Need some assistance with your home exercises during these difficult times? Our certified physical therapists are here to help you through virtual appointments!  For more information visit our website or contact us to schedule an appointment today. Free Body Physical Therapy in Berwyn, IL is here to help you start on the right track to success.