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Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago

Our clinic of Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago is here to help navigate the Coronavirus pandemic and it is important to ensure the safety of our patients. Below are the measures we are taking to protect our patients. If you have any questions or would like additional advice, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to reach out to me. We are all in this together. Learn More:

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Dr. Marc Gregory Guillen


Free Body Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Dr. Marc Gregory Guillen, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT. After receiving a doctorate in physical therapy and working at several PT clinics along the west coast, Dr. Guillen completed a physical therapy fellowship program in Manual Therapy that less than 1% of physical therapists in the U.S. have completed. This expertise in Manual Therapy provides hands-on knowledge to help patients reach their physical therapy goals. Dr. Guillen offers a close one-on-one relationship with patients where his goal is to educate, empower and maximize recovery in as few visits as possible.

Common conditions that Dr. Guillen treats include back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee and ankle injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, arthritis, chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, and much more. Free Body Physical Therapy accepts most insurance, Medicare, worker’s comp and self-pay patients. Dr. Guillen is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Marc Gregory Guillen, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
Fellow, American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists
Board Certified, Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Made Personal

Free Body Physical Therapy is a neighborhood physical therapy practice nestled at the border of Wicker Park and Humboldt Park, serving patients from many surrounding neighborhoods including Ukrainian Village, Logan Square, Bucktown and West Town.

We support full body care and treatment, putting your health, daily activities, and physical goals into focus. You’ll receive personal care and attention at each appointment, and education specific to your needs to support your continued health post-therapy. By understanding your body’s unique design, physical therapy can provide treatment equal to or more effective than surgery and injections, with your healing beginning immediately.

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We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/EPO, Humana, Aetna, MedRisk, Corvel, Medicare, Worker’s Comp, Self-Pay.
Please contact us if your health insurance is not listed here or to inquire about your benefits.

Sports Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Bridgeport Chicago

As an athlete, few things can be more devastating than having to spend time on the sidelines while rehabbing an injury. However, for many athletes each year, this is an unfortunate reality. At Free Body Physical Therapy, we know how eager you may be to get back to competing with your teammates and coaches. That is why we offer treatment for all of the most common sports injuries an athlete can find themselves suffering from.

Sports Injuries Treated

Every sport can tax an athlete’s body in unique ways. That is why there are so many sports injuries an athlete can potentially endure. Fortunately, no matter what the injury may be, our team will be there to help. We’ll be able to diagnose the severity of your injury before moving forward with creating the treatment plan that is right for you. Examples of some of the most common sports injuries treated here at our facility include the following:

  • Sprains and strains.
  • Overuse injuries.
  • Dislocations and fractures.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Back and neck injuries.
  • Joint problems.

Preventing Injuries

There are numerous ways a person can work towards avoiding sports injuries. By playing an active role in this process, you can stay with your team longer and continue working towards the goals you’ve spent countless hours engaging in training and preparation. The best part is that prevention methods can be done by any athlete competing in any sport. To avoid injuries, we recommend doing the below:

  • Cross-train your body so no one singular muscle group becomes overused.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and body weight.
  • Always take time to warm-up before a game or practice.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wear proper equipment such as cleats, helmets, and joint pads.
  • Utilize the proper mechanics for your sport.

The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Sports Rehab

When prevention methods are not enough to stop a sports injury, physical therapy is the next step to take. By scheduling sessions with our team, you’ll increase the chances of making a full recovery in a short amount of time. Our staff is composed of experts that will teach you to perform the therapeutic stretches and exercises needed to get you back in the game. The benefits of utilizing this form of sports rehab include:

  • Improved athletic output.
  • Regained strength.
  • Elimination of pain.
  • Quick recovery time.
  • Reduced likelihood of surgery is required for treatment.
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion.

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Recent Blog Posts From Our Clinic Of Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago

Preparing Your Body for an Upcoming Sports Season After a Long Break

Physical Therapy Bridgeport Chicago

How Can Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago Help You?

It is no secret that returning to sports after suffering an injury or after a long break can seem like a daunting task. However, it can be done. There are tons of examples of athletes who came back from what was thought to have been a career-ending injury, or athletes who returned to the top of the totem pole after time away from their sport. At Free Body Physical Therapy our expert team of Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago will work with you to return to you to your pre-injury/layoff condition. 

Preparation Recommendations

When preparing for your sports season it is critical to ensure that your physical conditioning is at its peak. You’ll want to do plenty of strength and endurance training so that your body feels good and is durable when the season rolls around. Lifting weights and running are two great ways to improve your strength and conditioning, respectively. Particularly, high-intensity interval training can be tremendous for building or maintaining your conditioning. Training with a partner or with your teammates is also highly recommended. This healthy competition will allow you to push yourself and will make everyone better in the long run. You should also maintain a healthy diet and try to eat as little junk food as possible, as it can decrease your motivation and compromise your performance. 

Importance of Recovery and Knowing your Limitations

Although you should actively be pushing your limits and trying to be the best version of yourself as an athlete, you also need to be aware of just how important recovery is. People often overlook the fact that exercise is stress and that too much of it is damaging to your health. To make sure you aren’t burnt out from training too intensely in the offseason, be sure to take days off when needed. It’s also critical that you know your limits, especially when you are recovering from an injury. Pushing yourself too hard can result in reinjury if you aren’t fully healed, making it key that you find a happy medium between intensity and recovery. 

Seeking Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago?

If you are an athlete seeking Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago, Free Body Physical Therapy is glad to help. Our talented team of physical therapists can ensure that you are feeling your best when your season rolls around. People often overlook the advantages that physical therapy has in terms of not only restoring full health but of increasing performance once full health has already been restored. To make an appointment and learn more about how physical therapy can help you as an athlete, contact us today!

Preventing Running Injuries

Physical Therapy Bridgeport Chicago

Incorporating running into your daily exercise routine is one of the easiest ways to stay fit, however, it is also known to be the easiest way of developing an injury. Aches and pains caused by running aren’t just common in beginners but also expert level runners as well. Are you a runner and have been experiencing pain during or afterward? Free Body Physical Therapy offers Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago to help treat your running injuries no matter the severity and also help you prevent new running injuries in the future. 

Common Running Injuries

Running injuries usually occur when you push yourself too hard, especially if you are new to running. Additionally, the way your body moves during these actions impacts your overall health as well. Common running injuries and pains may include but are not limited to:

How to Prevent These Injuries From Occurring

If you are a seasoned runner or even just starting, there are many methods you can take into consideration when running to help prevent future injuries from occurring. It is important to always put your health and body first, and you should always be your main priority. Here are some helpful tips from our office of Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago and ways to prevent future running injuries from occurring that include but are not limited to: 

  1. Wear proper footwear- When running your shoes should fit properly and made for running specifically. It is also important to replace your sneakers when they become worn out, losing their support over time.
  2. Warm-up properly- Walking or jogging first is known to loosen up your muscles and joints before increasing your effort.
  3. Stretching- Dynamic stretching before your run and static stretching after your run.
  4. Avoid overtraining- As much running daily can seem like the best way to stay as fit as possible, your body needs rest days which are equally as important.
  5. Cross-train- Running is not used by itself to stay fit and keep a healthy lifestyle. You need to be in good shape overall to run without developing injuries
  6. Change up your running route- Running the same route daily can begin to become monotonous and boring. To keep your running routine fun and interesting, changing up where you run can help to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Looking for Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago? 

Look no further! Free Body Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago is here to help! Whether you’ve recently developed a running-related injury and need assistance recovering, or need help preventing further running injuries, our certified physical therapists are here for you. Visit our website or contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Rehabbing a Groin Strain

Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago

Groin injuries are surprisingly common amongst athletes. A groin strain is a tear when a patient gets to the muscle of the inner thigh. Depending on the injury there are levels to a groin strain. Grade 1, 2 and 3 strains pertain to the severity of the injury. Grade 1 strain involves an overstretched muscle of a patient. A Grade 2 strain involves a tear or strain that damages muscle fibers. Finally, a Grade 3 strain involves a tear in the groin area that goes through the muscle. Free body PT is here for your medical needs. If you’re looking for Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago, contact us today. 

Symptoms of a Groin Strain

Many athletes and patients have difficulty determining if they have suffered a groin strain. Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago will diagnose your injury and help you to a fast recovery.

Listed below are some symptoms of a groin strain: 

  • Pain usually in the inner thigh 
  • Weakness in strength with upper leg
  • Bruising
  • Loud popping or snapping sound at the moment of injury 
  • Pain raising knee
  • Tenderness
  • Sometimes severe pain when bringing legs together 

Treating Your Groin Strain

There are different treatments and exercises for your injury. The good thing about groin strains is that they heal on their own. The first thing that you can do is ice the inside of your thigh. Icing your thigh after an injury for 20-30 minutes each day will reduce the swelling. Compressing your thigh is another way to treat your injury. While resting, use a compression bandage or tape to keep the swelling down. Lastly, exercising the groin area will help rehabilitate the groin. Performing simple leg raises while lying on the floor will strengthen the groin area.

Free Body PT – Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago

Free Body PT is a physical therapy clinic dedicated to helping patients with their medical needs. Each patient is treated with individual care and provided with high-quality service. We offer different services for neck pain, joint pain, back pain, pre or post-rehabilitation, and foot/ ankle pain. Our doctors and staff are highly skilled and certified to make sure you get the best possible recovery. If you’re looking for Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago, schedule an appointment with us today.

Optimizing Athletic Performance in Cold Weather

Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago

Some people wonder if there are actual true benefits of exercising during the cold weather. Some studies demonstrate cold environments convert the body’s fat cells and help the body acclimatize to cold climates, and increases resting energy expenditure, which are the number of calories a person burns just sitting around. Finding information about the benefits of cold-weather exercise to do around the Chicago area may be challenging to research; plus, winter gym buildings could increase their membership rates as they know you want to get in shape for the next season! Therefore why not try physical therapy instead? At Free Body Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago, there are certified people ready to lend you a hand and guide you for the best options available to obtain excellent results starting from today! Take a chance to get to know more about who they are, their missions, and achievements. 

Free Body Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago

The Free Body Physical Therapy is a clinic specialized in physical therapy in Chicago, IL, focusing on treating individuals with care. Bodies respond differently to injuries, so it is needed different types of exercises to get back in shape. With the wide range of therapy programs offered by Free Body PT, it is possible to achieve wellness and see a better image of yourself. 

Benefits of Cold Weather on Body Exercise

People who practice physical exercises are concerned about safety when it comes to practice outside under the chilly temperatures. However, considering exercise during the cold season may be beneficial as long the body is covered enough to maintain a healthy temperature and functioning the same way it would in any other workout environment. Take into consideration that cold weather will make you:

  • Burn more calories
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • Build tolerance to the freezing environment
  • Remember the warm-up and cool-down body movements
  • Get a dose of Vitamin D
  • Boost your mood and immune system
  • Feel energized
  • Present new training opportunities

Free Body Physical Therapy Lincoln Park Chicago suggests that cold weather makes the bodywork better because it regulates the temperature, it is beneficial for those who struggle with stress, and it also creates a heart muscle stronger preparing the body for more strenuous exercises in the future. Cold weather improves someone’s mood thanks to the lack of humidity that is commonly found throughout the other seasons, resulting in a lack of desire to exercise because of heavy air accumulated throughout the day. Plus, getting outdoors in the fresh air in cold weather can help replenish vitamin D levels in the skin. If jogging may not be good enough to provide the results you are looking for, consider trying other kinds of sports such as skiing or cold water swimming. Winter sports or water-related sports have been proven to alleviate stress and provide great body circulation to guarantee great results in less time!

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