Physical Therapy for Crossfit Injuries

Physical therapy is a holistic strengthening approach for your body to safely recover from injury, or to prevent later injury from occurring later on in your life. From too much stress being put upon one part of the body to lifting in an awkward position, exercise-related injuries are all too common in the realm of physical therapy. In an age where accessibility to exercise equipment is all too easy for anyone with a gym membership, a more recent trend seen in exercise-related injuries are those who seek relief from pain due to CrossFit training. Due to the high-intensity nature of CrossFit, awkward lifting and exercise positions can cause injury with relative ease. That’s why at Free Body Physical Therapy, we acknowledge ourselves as a local center for recovery and one of the specialist centers for Physical Therapy for CrossFit Injuries in Chicago, IL. 

How Can CrossFit Lead to Injury?

High-intensity workout plans are relatively in common for those dedicated to their physical health and well-being and those who thrive off of the burning sensation you get during a difficult workout. With all high-intensity plans, including CrossFit, there is a risk of injury. This risk is relatively high at first, as inexperienced athletes will have a higher likelihood of injury than those who understand the mechanics and correct form of each exercise. 

As the same person increases the volume of high-impact exercise they do, the more comfortable they are with the workout and their body can balance the work they’re doing with correct form. Volume, to a certain degree, spoils the more it is increased. Once the volume of any CrossFit exercise is increased to an unsustainable level for the body, the injury typically occurs. The repetitive nature of CrossFit exercise is apt to cause injury as repetitive, high-intensity and high-volume exercise is bound to cause injury for unexpecting patrons of any CrossFit box around Chicago.

What are Some Signs of Injury?

Injury can happen in any form of exercise, but that shouldn’t deter you from expressing yourself through the means of exercise that you find therapeutic. As Physical Therapy for CrossFit Injuries in Chicago, IL, we pride ourselves in giving you an efficient recovery so you can go back to doing what you enjoy. To know some signs of injury for high-intensity training such as CrossFit, we should look at some common injuries for this type of training:

  • Lower Back Strain – Due to the nature of CrossFit exercises consisting of various jumping, lifting, and bending exercises, it’s no wonder that this can put serious stress on the lower back. You’ll start to feel a rising jolt of pain as soon as you experience too much strain on your back and you should immediately halt your training. 
  • Tennis Elbow – Although you won’t be playing tennis in CrossFit, this base ailment still applies in your training. Due to the straining nature of lifting, the improper arm can lead to unnecessary strain of the elbow. Physical Therapy for CrossFit injuries in Chicago, IL, again recommends you halt exercises as soon as you start to feel pain in the designated area.
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis – Shoulder injuries are a third common occurrence in CrossFit Training due to the repetitive stress over-head exercises have on your rotator cuff, if any instability or pain is felt in the shoulder, that is the best tell to stop the exercise and seek assistance.

Physical Therapy For Crossfit Injuries in Chicago, IL

Understanding the pros and cons of CrossFit training is important, so searching for more information on if the exercise program is right for you is a necessity. For more information on possible injuries and recovery options for CrossFit-related injuries contact us, today!