Treatment Options for Patellofemoral Pain

As we know to know a healthy lifestyle is a way to go when keeping in shape, focusing on our mental health, and potentially living a longer life. But, often we get so caught up and forget the stress our bodies endure when over challenging ourselves and eventually our bodies give in to the pain. Many people who play sports or engage in activities involving running or jumping tend to suffer from “Runner’s Knee”. In medical terms, it is called Patellofemoral Pain, which is the pain in the front and around your knee there are many simple treatments but some require more attention and care from a physical therapy specialist. Come by Free Body Physical Therapy and get a personal consultation from Dr. Marc Gregory Gillian, a great knee specialist in Chicago.

What is Patellofemoral Pain?

Patellofemoral pain is known as the pain at the front of the knee and around the kneecap. It is very common when playing sports or interacting with high resistance activities. The pain usually causes a dull and aching pain. The pain symptoms often arise from:

  • Walking up for down the stairs 
  • Kneeling or squatting 
  • Sitting with bent knees for long periods

Experts are not entirely sure of what causes this condition but accumulate that it is caused by: 

  • Overdoing it while exercising
  • Muscle imbalances or weaknesses
  • Prior injuries
  • Post-surgery effects 
  • Weight

With a problem there always comes a solution and preventative measures:

  • Maintaining strength and keeping muscles balanced during activities 
  • Pay close attention to technique and flexibility training 
  • Loss of excess weight 
  • Warmup before any and every activity 
  • Stretch to promote flexibility and range of motion
  • Practice shoe smart- it is very important to have shoes that fit well and are durable 

How Can Our Knee Specialist in Chicago Help?

Free Body Physical Therapy is the place to be for all your questions, answers, and concerns. Since 2015, we have been breaking the model of traditional physical therapy practices and treating individuals with individuality and loving care. We understand that no two bodies respond or react in the same manner, So, therefore, no two programs should be the same. We cater specifically to the needs of the patients by taking a holistic approach when it comes to evaluating the root of the problem and its discomfort.  

Whether it be chronic pain, past injury, or post-surgical care. We are firm believers in working and understanding the entire body. Each area allows us to pinpoint the cause, come up with a course of action, and all while being beneficial to your entire body. Call us today and book the consultation you have been waiting for! You deserve the best and we are here to give you the best and highly trained knee specialist in Chicago!